Announcing Rubedo Press

Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his blood. Write with blood, and you will find that blood is spirit.
— N I E T Z S C H E —

RUBEDO, ‘red, reddening’, is the ultimate stage of the alchemical process; the culminating chromatic shift that marks the visible realisation of primordial flawlessness. Just as traditional texts, from ancient Egyptian papyri to Latin manuscripts, employed rubrics (red lettering) to signify important transitions, so too does rubedo mark the point of critical transformation in which the eternal is made tangible. Rubedo Press is consecrated to works that unfold in this spirit; works that crystallise the invisible into vivid realities; works that act as a leaven—raising the black depths of the earth into living fruits; embracing danger and dissolution as paths of apotheosis; distilling the eternal from the transient to evoke the fleeting perfection of life like a scarlet flower.

Rubedo is consecrated to classical and contemporary works animated by the sophianic fire. Our purview encompasses scholarly monographs and philosophical treatises alongside poetic apperceptions, artistic creations, and esoteric exegeses. One of our principal aims is to cultivate critical academic translations of source texts previously unavailable in English, alongside uniquely emergent works. Working closely with an international peer-review panel, leading and emerging scholars of multiple disciplines, and the highest quality translators of ancient and modern languages, we seek to bring glistening veins of neglected knowledge to light.

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