Astrology, Alchemy, and Magic
in Hellenistic Antiquity

Kepler College Community Webinar Program

This lecture explores the Egyptian and Hermetic origins of Hellenistic astrology, and its overlaps with magic, theurgy, and alchemy in Late Antiquity. It was presented on 14 May 2016 as part of Kepler College’s community webinar program.

History and Hermeneutics of the Hieratic Arts:
Series 1—The Life & work of René Schwaller de Lubicz

Ars Hieratica: Sacred Arts and Sciences

A three-part webinar series on the twentieth century's most important Hermetic philosopher: René Schwaller de Lubicz. 

  1. The Alchemy of Colour: A Guide through the Peacock's Tail
  2. From Cathedral to Temple: The Life and Work of René Schwaller de Lubicz
  3. From Metallurgy to Metaphysics: Mineral, Biological, and Spiritual Evolution in the Alchemy of René Schwaller de Lubicz

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University of Philosophical Research

Alchemy East and West:
History, Theory, Practice

Ten-lesson Graduate Course, MA in Consciousness Studies
University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles, California

This ten-lesson graduate course involves a detailed survey of the world’s alchemical traditions, from East to West, from antiquity to the avant-garde. Herein I articulate the concrete historical foundations of alchemy, before exploring the predominant motifs in the theory and practice of alchemy across traditions. The overarching aim of this course is to explore alchemy as a divine science concerned with both spiritual and natural realities, charting a nondual worldview in which physics and metaphysics are integrally grasped as two sides of the same coin. Alchemy’s role as the traditional science of transmutation par excellence, and its relevance to themes in the evolution of consciousness—from mineral to man—are also examined within the purview of this course.