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Accepted for publication in a forthcoming anthology by Three Hands Press, 2017.


In Print

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The Heretic, Issue 6, 2015. 

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Edited by Aaron Cheak, Sabrina Dalla Valle, and Jennifer Zahrt, Auckland: Rubedo Press: 2015.

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In The Quest for Gnosis: Spirituality without Dogma, by Gabriel D. Roberts, 2014.

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Edited by Aaron Cheak. Numen Books, 2013.
684 pp; 40 illustrations.

‘Introduction to Part One: Circumambulating the Alchemical Mysterium
Chapter 1. ‘The Perfect Black: Egypt and Alchemy’
Chapter 4. ‘Taking from Water to Fill in Fire: The History and Dynamics of Daoist Alchemy’
‘Introduction to Part Two: On the Origins and Nature of European Alchemy’
Chapter 7. ‘The Alchemical Khiasmos: Counter-Stretched Harmony and Divine Self-Perception’ (co-authored with Sabrina Dalla Valle)
Chapter 13. ‘Agent of All Mutations: Metallurgical, Biological and Spiritual Evolution in the Alchemy of René Schwaller de Lubicz’
Full Table of Contents here.

Waters Animating and Annihilating: Apotheosis by Drowning in the Greek Magical Papyri
In Occult Traditions, edited by D. Z. Lycourinos, Numen Books, 2012.

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PhD Dissertation: University of Queensland, 2011. 

The Magus and the Mirror: An Intellectual History of the Magical Imagination
Honours Thesis: University of Queensland, 2004.