Paul Scarpari

La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

Paul Scarpari is a scholar and graduate of La Trobe University (2009), residing in Melbourne. Upon completion of an honours thesis focusing on Henry Corbin’s concept of the mundus imaginalis in the œuvre of William Blake (supervised by David Tacey), Scarpari has gone on to examine a wide range of eclectic subjects and interests within the domains of history, ontology and metaphysics. He has recently spent the last few years closely exploring the philosophy of Georges Bataille and his views on transgression, sovereignty and the sacred, which underpin Bataille’s entire Weltanschauung and reveal significant ontological concepts pertaining to self-deification and the metaphysics of being. Scarpari’s main scholarly interests include esoterism, theurgy, Gnosticism, hermeneutics and phenomenology; and the writings of René Guénon, René Schwaller de Lubicz, Julius Evola, Henry Corbin, Friedrich Nietzsche and Georges Bataille. His other private interests and passions are classical music, poetry, gothic novels and fin-de-siècle occultism. At present, Scarpari is preparing research towards a book on the ancient Egyptian god Seth-Typhon and his Messianic role in early Gnosticism.